Chinese People are very Religious



So many times Chinese people have told me, “We are atheist.”


This morning the quiet was again disturbed by the clatter of firecrackers. Across the road there is a construction site and from my window I could see the men standing before the long red smoking strings of firecrackers. They were inviting good luck.

Luck? What is luck? Whatever it is it must be able to respond to calls for help. If it can respond it must be alive. If humans are asking it for help it must be stronger and more intelligent.  Hmmm… sounds just like God.

Chinese people are very religious. They burn firecrackers, wear charms, put signs on their doors, and do all other kinds of religious things – yet they say they are not religious. Why would they do that? Because they have been told that China is an atheist country.

The Bible says that God has put eternity into people’s hearts. In other words, this physical world meets our physical need, but the spiritual part of us can only be filled by the spiritual; by God. The physical world will never totally satisfy.

Luck actually has a name. His name is God. So, instead of calling out luck, why don’t you reach out to God? Seek Him. Learn of Him. After all, He is your Father and He loves you.


By 德明; translation: Joanna & Shelly

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