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  • 他的象征——十字架,被用作医疗机构的国际救援标志。
  • 公元2009年是以他的降生为起始。
  • 他曾经是,现在仍然是越来越多书籍、歌曲和艺术的主题,没有任何人能与他相比。
  • 时代杂志(1999-12-6) 评论他为距今为止最具影响力的人。


ancient tomb

He was born in a stable in an obscure part of the world. He never led an army. He never held a government office. He never wrote a book. He only taught for 3 years. He never did anything one usually associates with greatness, yet 2,000 years after his birth He is considered the most influential person ever born.

  • His symbol - the cross - is recognized and an international sign of healing in medical facilities.
  • The year 2009 is based upon His birth.
  • He has been – and is still – the subject of more books, songs, and art than any other person ever.
  • TIME magazine (1999-12-6) considered Him the most influential person ever born.

World leaders like Caesar, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, in their day, had multitudes of devoted followers who would die for them. But who will die for them today? They conquered their worlds with the sword and force, but Jesus was completely different. Jesus used something more powerful than any weapon. Jesus changed the world with love, and today 2,000 years after He walked the earth, untold millions will die for Him. Not even the grave could stop him. How did He do this?

by 德明; Chinese by Gadfly

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