为什么我相信神 Why I Believe in God


  1. 某物不可能出于无有;
  2. 然而某物现在确实存在着;
  3. 所以,某物始终存在着。

1. 某物不可能出于无有:某物不可能出于无有是一个显然正确的事实。物理学家George Davis 说,“任何物质都无法自我创造” 。
2. 然而某物现在确实存在着:我们存在着,我们所生存的宇宙存在着。
3. 所以,某物始终存在着:某物不可能出于无有;然而某物现在确实存在着;所以,某物始终存在着。这是一个无需辩驳的显然结论。但现在的问题是:什么或谁是那始终存在着的?

  • 我们有生命
  • 我们有智慧
  • 我们有情感


Why I believe in God

Some people incorrectly assume that the belief in God is superstition and the belief in evolution is scientific. The fact is that the opposite is true. We will use the the Law of Causality (Cause and Effect) to show this.
What is the law of causality? "Put simply, the law of causality states that every material effect must have an adequate antecedent cause."
What was the cause of the universe? What is the cause of us? Please consider the following statements of logic:

  1. Something cannot come from nothing.
  2. But, something exists now.
  3. Therefore, something has always existed.

1. Something cannot come from nothing:  It is true that something cannot come from nothing. This is an obvious fact. The physicist, George Davis stated,  "No material thing can create itself."
2. But, something exists now:  We exist. The universe around us exists.
3. Therefore, something has always existed:  Something cannot come from nothing, and something now is in existence, something therefore has always existed. This is an obvious conclusion that needs no debate. But the question now arises, What, or Who is that which has always existed?
In answering that, let us look at ourselves, people. Where did we come from? Are we the result of some accident called evolution, or were we created by God? Let’s look at some of the common characteristics of people:

  • We are alive
  • We are intelligent
  • We are emotional

We are ALIVE
Remember that something cannot come from nothing. Evolution teaches that life somehow came from some kind of non-living matter millions of years ago. This is something that has never been observed in nature or produced in a laboratory. It is therefore not a fact and does not belong in a science text book.  Something cannot come from nothing. Life cannot come from the non-living.

Again, something cannot come from nothing. How do we get intelligence from something without life and intelligence? It simply does not happen.

How does emotion come from something without emotion? It cannot.
On the other hand, there is God. He is alive, He is intelligent and He is emotional. Furthermore He says that we are made in His image [**]  and that He is our Father.
The theory of evolution is looking weaker every year. Put simply, it is not scientific. As a result, evolutionists have begun looking for alternate answers for the origin of life: namely extraterrestrial life.
Isn’t it strange that some scientists – people who claim to live by facts – suggest something as unscientific as aliens originated life on earth, but they totally reject the idea of God.
So, I believe in God because it is totally reasonable.

by 德明; Chinese by Gadfly