Safe Sex? A True Story

What can compare to the joy of holding a new born baby? For me that joy is overwhelming. My name is Steve. I have been married for five years and love my wife more than ever. But some choices in my past have clouded our bright future, and have left my newborn daughter fighting for her life.


Ginger seemed healthy at first, but after a few days my wife noticed she seemed sluggish, and non-responsive. Our doctor told us not to worry, and said that all babies are different.


One night, Ginger stopped breathing and turned blue. After we managed to revive her, we received the terrible diagnosis: Ginger was born with herpes.

一天晚上, 金吉尔突然窒息并且全身变紫,在我们设法让她苏醒后,我们收到了令人震惊的诊断结果:金吉尔是先天性的疱疹患者。

In my college years I had slept around and had contracted the disease. I told my wife before we were married, but we promised each other that we would be careful. Although she never showed a single symptom, it is obvious we weren’t careful enough.


Herpes attacks an infant’s brain like insects eating an apple. The virus was attacking Ginger’s liver. We begged God that her brain would not be next. God heard our prayers and Ginger miraculously recovered.


Ginger is now 15 months old. She is normal in every way, but the disease could strike again at any time.

金吉尔现在有15个月大了,各方面都很正常, 但是疾病随时都有可能复发。

It breaks my heart to watch Ginger go through painful medical procedures every month. Herpes will never leave her. All her happened because I was foolish and selfish at college.

目前金吉尔每个月都要遭受痛苦的药物治疗过程,我看着她受苦时,我的心都要碎了。 她这一辈子都无法摆脱疱疹病毒。而这所有的一切都是因为我大学时代的愚蠢和自私造成的。

I share my experience to stop the “safe sex” lie. There is no such thing as “safe sex.” I was taught this by my teachers in high school. We were taught that condoms would protect us. They lied, and I am recently reminded of this when I read that one in four adults in New York City has herpes.


Mostly I am reminded of the lie every time I see the blisters on my daughter’s fingers – painful blisters that never seem to go away. I am reminded that she is fighting for her life.


There is no such thing as “safe sex.”




翻译:Moon, Rica

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